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AI Junk Already Ruining Dating Apps?

Because social media knows that I sometimes write about AI and probably knows that I have experimented with some Generative AI tools (No, I’ve never posted a blog post written by AI), they like to show me some AI ads now and again.

Now and again is roughly equal to 5-10 times every time I open the app, which I don’t do that often anymore.

But I digress.

I have come across ads for AI companions. I’ve seen a few think pieces and BBC stories about AI companions as well, and I even saw one that was a complete AI dating service where you could “practice” meeting and interacting with people online before you jumped into an app that had real people on it for you to interact with. Now, if you want to practice your pick-up lines on a chatbot, that’s your business. You do you. Whatever works—no judgment from me.

But, the obvious next question I have is, if a company can offer chatbots for you to interact with as if you were on a dating site, how do you know if the person you are interacting with on a real dating site isn’t a chatbot? Or that they haven’t used AI to generate all of their details?

Tinder is also concerned about it.

Tinder Using Video Selfies to Verify User Identities Because of AI Selfies

Of course, the problem is that short videos are going to be easy enough to create using AI as well, so what will be the next step dating apps have to take to verify the identity of their users and make sure customers aren’t spending all their time on the app talking to fake AI-generated profiles? Or is this the end of that entire business model?

Don’t think dating apps are the only thing at risk with AI. Any online service based on contributions by authors, artists, musicians, etc., is at risk of being overrun by AI junk. In some cases, it’s probably already happening.


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