This Was Entirely Predictable – Hackers Tricking People Into Facial Scans

As we move towards a world where we require everyone to prove their identity before accessing legal websites, our efforts to protect kids will end up putting all of us at risk.

It’s already happening.

As Predicted: Scammers Are Now Scanning Faces To Defeat Biometric Security Measures

The method — developed by a Chinese-based hacking family — is believed to have been used in Vietnam earlier this month, when attackers lured a victim into a malicious app, tricked them into face scanning, then withdrew the equivalent of $40,000 from their bank account. 

Good times. Collecting all of that information to verify the age of website visitors creates an extra-large target for that biometric information. When I applied online for unemployment, I had to provide copies of my social security card, driver’s license, and a live facial scan. Remember that this is the same state government with the entire DMV driver’s license database sitting on MoveIt when that tool got hacked, requiring me to store even more of my identity online with a third-party service.

The risk level is outrageous. As Techdirt points out, the more we require facial scanning across wide swaths of the internet, the fewer people will question it. And thus, they’ll get fooled into providing it to someone they shouldn’t be.

But, tell me again, how is this “safer?”

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