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Linked – How to Avoid Being the Weakest Link in Your Company’s Information Security

Hint – be careful with your passwords.

Fortunately, there are some fundamental things you can to do if you want your passwords to be secure:

  • Change your passwords regularly – at least once a year.

  • Don’t reuse old passwords – you’re going to have to make up a new one every time for every account.

  • Use passphrases – a sentence can be easier to remember than random letters and will still be secure.

  • Use multi-factor authentication – jumping through multiple hoops increases security.

  • Never write down passwords, especially online – if you have trouble remembering multiple passwords, use a secure password manager.

I use a password manager. There are two passwords I do not “keep” though, the password that opens up the password manager, and my main work password. Those two I just remember. The rest, I trust my password manager to keep track of. I can also use it to generate strong passwords as well, things I’d be unlikely to remember anyway. Since they are loaded in the manager, I don’t have to. Unless I’m using someone elses computer for some reason, which is why I like my password manager to have a mobile app, so I can always look it up on my phone.

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