Repetitive Social Network Mashups

Have we reached a point with social networking tools where there are too many, trying to do too many things? Now that many of them seem to be giving you a place to add different pieces of your online presence in one place, do we run the risk of being repetitive?

I first had this thought earlier today when Douglas Welch asked, on Twitter:

?Twhirl/FriendFeed integration nice but need way to exclude Twitter from the FF feed”

He has a point. If Twhirl is trying to give you both your Friendfeed and Twitter followers in one place, wouldn’t it be great if it would not show you the Twitter updates in Friendfeed of people you are already following on Twitter? In my own Friendfeed you see another example. I hooked it up to my links so that you could see pages I’m tagging over there as I tag them throughout the day/evening. On the same feed though, is my blog feed, which includes a summary list of items daily. That’s repetitive, but there’s no way for me to provide both services to my readers, those who follow me on Friendfeed and those who only subscribe to the blog.

I think one of the features that will really make one of these services stand out, will be the ability to recognize duplicate items and weed them out for us automatically. That way you’re using something that pulls together all the various stuff a person you want to follow is doing, without having to weed through repetitive entries. It’s something worth thinking about, anyway.

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