Just Check Your Credit Card Transactions All of the Time

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With the news this week that the Hyatt breach may have included up to 250 hotels, I think it’s time to just admit that your credit card info is probably out there somewhere. If it wasn’t grabbed from this hotel chain, at another, or at an online store, or through some other retailer.

I’ve gotten in the habit of checking my statements online at least weekly using my credit card’s iPhone app. More when I’m traveling a lot, or overseas. I’ve also set up email alerts, where if a transaction above a certain amount is charged, I go ahead and get an email about it. Yeah, it’s kind of annoying to get emails when I’m using my card, but it’s nice to know that if someone else is trying to use my card, I’ll know right away! Check out what your issuer has available to help you keep track of what is being charged to your account.

Go, do it now. Then share this post with everyone you know who has a credit card, cool? 😉

What else would you do to keep your credit card info safe, or at least keep on top of whether your credit card info is being used?

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