Blackberries and overtime?

Some interesting thoughts from Sharon Nelson regarding the use of blackberries/smartphones and remote access and how the use of these tools might affect hourly employees.

This is an interesting subject for me, I carry a blackberry, and occasionally log in from remote locations, and am an hourly employee. I try to be fair about using it, and charging overtime for what I do. For example a 2 minute email reply that I sent the other day from the National Mall, I’m not going to worry about. Yes, I’m on vacation, and yes I don’t have to answer emails, but here was a peer who needed a quick bit of tech advice and I could help them without too much difficulty. I don’t mind using 2 minutes of my time for that. On the other hand, if the firm starts expecting me t be available to answer emails any time I’m on vacation, or just at home in the evening, we’re going to have to be fair to me, and my home life as well.

Any of you in the same situation? How do you and your employer handle it?

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  1. My employee expects when you are given the BB that you have become a 24/7/365 worker.

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