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Linked: The C-suite and workplace wellness

Reading this report from Deloitte is to clearly understand how different people can see things very differently. Oddly though, I think there’s actually a pretty simple explanation. C-Suite folks are much more likely to think that their employees are doing pretty well and that the organization is supporting them the way they need than the employees themselves. C-Suite folks are more likely to focus on the positive impacts work has on their mental and physical health, and yet this is also true:

“But even though the C-suite executives were more positive about their job’s role in their well-being, they were more likely than employees to say they’d leave their role for a job that better supports their well-being. While 57% of employees are seriously considering quitting for a more supportive job, nearly seven out of 10 executives are thinking about taking this leap”

That seems odd, doesn’t it? Maybe not. Maybe C-level folks know that the stress of their work is hurting their health, but assume that is unique to their level. Being a leader is stressful, making decisions for the organization is difficult and lower-level employees don’t have those kinds of stressors so it must not be as bad for them.

To be fair, I’d be willing to bet a lot of lower-level employees would assume that C-Suite folks have it pretty easy, with the high salaries and economic stability that they could only dream about. That the pressure of paying the bills and taking care of their family on a limited income is much more stressful.

Clearly, the reality is that work is too much for almost everyone across the entire spectrum, and there are lots of people looking for something better. Something that gives them the ability to be economically stable and also the ability to live a life outside of work with their mental health intact.

There’s not enough of that out there. No matter how much money you make.

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