Linked – Open Offices Are Bad for Productivity, Study Finds

Image by Heisenberg Media
Image by Heisenberg Media

“For their study, researchers surveyed over 1200 senior executives and non-executive employees about their workplace arrangements. While 53 percent of employees reported feeling less satisfied and less productive when they had to work through ambient noise, only 35 percent of executives felt the same way.The disconnect between the perceptions of management and the people they employ was evident in other areas as well. Just 41 percent of employees said they have the necessary tools to filter out distractions, while 63 percent of executives felt that their employees had everything they needed. Fifty-two percent of employees described work/life balance as being very important to them. When employers were asked the same question about their team, only 34 percent of executives said that balance was a priority for their employees.”

First off, let me get this out of the way. Open offices are a terrible, horrible idea that should die.

Secondly, wow, the disconnect between management and worker bees is startling. Is it any wonder so many people are unhappy in their jobs? They work for people who have no clue what it’s like to be a worker, and no concept of how to help them be better workers.

That’s not going to end well.


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