Travel Tips – Approach to PDX

Recently, as I passed the 100,000 mile mark for 2016, it occurred to me that I pick up a lot of little bits of information about airports and locations, and then I forget them. So, in the interest of helping my own memory, and maybe sharing some tips about travel, I’m going to start writing short posts about these little tidbits. You can expect to see little details about places to eat, wifi connectivity, and how to get around in airports!

To kick off this series, why not start with my “home” airport, that is really about 90 miles from home, Portland International.

This being the Pacific Northwest, it’s not often that I get to really enjoy the approach to PDX the way it should be enjoyed. Sure, when the approach is from the East, you’ll be flying right over the Columbia River Gorge, with awesome views of Mount Hood on the left side, or over to Washington, and Mt. Saint Helens on the right. But all of that depends on the weather being clear. Unfortunately, many times the view is of clouds.

But when it is clear, a window seat is fantastic.

Mt. Hood on approach to PDX

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