Restore CD

Well, well, well turns out that we don’t have the latest version of Compaq’s Restore CD, that would be why a quick restore I was trying to do today kept crashing. Well, either that or there’s a hardware failure, they’re not really sure. Great! At least they are overnighting the new version of the Restore CD so I will know relatively quickly whether it’s a hardware failure or not. I guess the repeated failure of Restore of this particular machine was not being helped by having an outdated Restore CD, at least I hope so, I’m really sick of dealing with this one PC!

Of course the computer I swapped the hard drive in and restored just yesterday restored just fine, even with the old version. So I’m not holding my breath that a new restore version is going to be the complete solution Compaq’s tech support seems to think it will be. I think there are bigger problems with this thing, but I’ve got to go through and eliminate all the possibilities. Sometimes being tech support sucks…

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