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E-Discovery for Dummies

You may recall me talking about getting a free copy of this short book earlier this month.

Today, I finally had some free time to read it at work. It didn’t take long, it’s only about 41 pages long, but I thought I’d share my observations about it.

My initial thought was that the book might be a resource for attorneys, but I don’t know about that. It covers a lot of the Federal Rules and other areas of e-discovery they should already be quite familiar with. There’s some small mention of some of the technical aspects, and I think the book could help them understand how to think about e-discovery from the standpoint of how data is stored, and all the various places it could be stored.

The thing I think this little book would be great for though, is with IT managers. Those are the folks who are usually too busy to think about something like e-discovery until their company in the midst of litigation. Those are the people who this is written for. Those are the folks who could save themselves a whole lot of trouble if they familiarized themselves with the concepts early on!

On the other hand, I think there are some links over at this post on ediscoveryinfo.com on explaining computer forensics to lawyers, that may be a great resource to keep around!

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