Talking Using Metrics to Fight For Your Team’s Wellness on a Rampiva Webcast

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a quick 30-minute webinar with Bill Potter from Rampiva. You can catch a replay here –

You may remember me blogging about their free dashboard tool when they first released it.

Yesterday, Bill and I talked about some of those same issues, specifically around using those same metrics you already have to measure how much data you are processing and how your team is getting work done, to also look out for potential work-life balance issues for folks doing a lot of after-hours work, or to identify potential cross-training opportunities, etc.

It was an interesting conversation, and I hope these conversations can help us in the eDiscovery industry think about employee wellness, mental health, diversity, and other issues that can result from doing things the way we’ve always done them. It’s time for this conversation to be had across the industry. If this can spark more of that, I would be very happy.

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