Linked – From Fitbit to PlayStation, the justice system is drowning in digital evidence

It’s definitely going to continue too.

“This is unprecedented in terms of the sheer amount of data being collected,” says Nicole Black, a lawyer and legal technology expert at MyCase, a software management startup for law firms. All connected devices have the potential to be mined for their data. In court cases, the information can be useful to either prosecutors or defence teams.

“All the regulations were created so long ago and tech has changed so quickly that they’re trying to apply old law to new tech that was never envisioned when the regulations were introduced,” Black says.”

The reality of the legal system is that we are just starting to get really good with email, we’re learning mobile phone data and getting better at it, but technology has already gone way past those, and it’s going to take awhile before we figure out how to handle all of the IOT data, the social media and messenging app data, etc. We’ll always be behind.

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