Virtual Worlds

One other note about the training, I used my Macbook Pro for the presentation. I was curious to see how it would work out. Obviously, I needed my Windows Virtual Machine to run Summation, but once I got through a little hiccup connecting the MBP to the projector over in our training center, (oh ok, mirror the displays, that works better.) the rest of it ran without a hitch. In fact, with the VM window maximized, no one even noticed a difference, despite the Mac Menu bar being visible.

One person who did notice was our training coordinator when I first went over there and he was helping me get setup. He asked why I went with a Mac. My reply? Now that they’re using Intel chips and I can use VMware Fusion to load a Windows VM with all of the Windows tools I still need to use, I chose a Mac because I could. 🙂

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