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Linked: How Big Data is Blowing Up Legal Costs

What numbers like this say to me is that far too many organizations have bought in to the value of “big data” with no thought as to how storing, protecting, and reviewing that data is going to get done.

“Conducted by Rabin Research Company among senior in-house counsel at leading U.S. corporations, BDO’s 2019 Inside E-Discovery & Beyond Survey showed 78% of large organizations plan to spend more on e-discovery in the next year. The top three e-discovery issues named by counsel as having the biggest impact on the business—and likely driving increased costs of discovery–were big data, dark data, and data disposal issues. Approximately 61% of those surveyed reported that big data stands as the number one issue.”

Companies love them some big data. Marketing loves having all the info about their customers. HR loves being able to know everything about employee productivity, and monitoring compliance with policies, management loves having deep insights into the marketplace and performance, and then legal has to go find the stuff that’s relevant to a lawsuit or investigation in the middle of all of that big data.

Something has to give, and right now it’s legal costs. I suspect that won’t last forever, and organizations should be looking for something different.

How Big Data is Blowing Up Legal Costs

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