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Linked: It’s Official: Self-care Leads to Long-term Business Success

The article is directed at founders, but I think we can all see similar hours and stresses in the legal and eDiscovery industries, no?

“Over 50 per cent of owners work nine hour-plus days and 43 per cent work weekends. But long hours don’t make you more effective: you’re wasting time spinning wheels because you’re too tired to think straight, and you risk burning out completely.”

Amy goes on to talk a lot about what kinds of ways to take care of yourself, things like making sure you get enough sleep, stay connected to family and friends, and learning to work smarter and delegate. Not all of us in the legal industry and delegate, but we can definitely focus on the others, especially working smarter. 😉

Just remember, working longer and longer hours, mostly results in making more mistakes and not getting the best results. That’s not what anyone wants. Long-term business success comes from better self-care, and the same goes for long-term career success.

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