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Linked – Streamlining the E-Discovery Process

Monica makes a compelling case for more organizations to bring their eDiscovery work in house. Despite my place in an outside firm, I actually agree with much of what she has to say.

“Monica Enand: It all comes down to three components: control, security and cost.

First, having a system that the entire legal team feels confident using provides a level of control that is empowering. Being able to perform tasks accurately and immediately is game-changing for in-house professionals by letting them do more for the organization, which is good for their careers as well.

Second, cybersecurity is a major concern for corporations today. Reducing the number of copies of sensitive information is critical – and there is not much information that is more sensitive than what is involved in litigation. If you keep your data in-house, you reduce risk and have a tighter control on security.

Finally, reducing spend is a major priority for most legal teams, especially at a time when e-discovery costs have hit an all-time high. Our clients have seen dramatic reductions in costs typically associated with discovery by moving portions of e-discovery in-house and reducing external spend on routine work, saving their expertise for high-value work.”

It’s worth thinking about and being aware of as a firm. Your clients may not always rely on you, at least the one with the resources and talent to do it themselves. It only makes sense for them to do it.

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