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Outlook for the Mac coming

MS Office for Mac is finally just going to go ahead and replace Entourage with Outlook.

For the e-discovery folks, there is just one question. Does that mean Office for Mac users will have a PST that is easily transferable to Windows? Does anyone know? Getting email from a Mac into a form we can work with tends to be one of our complaints, and anything that gives us one less complaint can only be good, right? 😉

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  1. Mail.app is going to have Exchange support in Snow Leopard, so I doubt there will be serious adoption of Outlook on OS X.


  2. That's fine for the people connected to Exchange, because we can always extract a mailbox from the Exchange server and not worry about Mac compatibilities. I'm more hoping those without Exchange will use it and not have to try and get email out of mail.app stores. That's kind of a pain. 🙂

    Probably won't happen though.

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