Linked: Writing a thank-you note is more powerful than you think

It’s not just a nice thing to do, it actually improves your own mood to show gratitude, and people receiving one do not feel as awkward about getting them as most of us think they will.

Not surprisingly, the letter writers felt more positive afterward. However, they overestimated how awkward the recipients would feel receiving their letter and underestimated how positive it would make them feel. This may explain why more people don’t engage in expressions of gratitude, according to the researchers. They suggest that understanding the gesture’s impact may help people do it more often. So take the time to write and send a well-deserved thank you note. It will be good for both of you.

The real question is, would you rather it be handwritten, or is electronic enough? I do believe there is an extra something about a handwritten thank you note, but I appreciate electronic ones as well, and in the workplace this can go a long way.


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