Tweetdeck is Down, Giving Everyone Chance to See How Awful Twitter’s Website Is

As of this writing, my twitter client of choice, Tweetdeck, is not working. Tweetdeck is owned by Twitter, and is really the only solution out there for working with multiple accounts, following hashtags, taking part in twitter chats, etc. I mean nothing else compares, as many of us are finding out:

Honest question for people who just use Twitter on the web. How? What an awful experience this is. It amazes me that Twitter would have an interface like Tweetdeck and think this web version is even worth spending any time on. Just give everyone Tweetdeck.

Added – really this is the problem. Tweetdeck actually lets you control what you see on Twitter without having to click around, refresh, reset from Home to Latest, etc. There’s no reason Twitter has to be like that.

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