Linked – The Myth of the Brilliant, Charismatic Leader

I probably don’t have to tell you that the article below focuses a lot on Twitter and FTX. The failure of their charismatic CEOs is all over social media these days. But, putting those headlines aside, this is important for anyone running a business:

First, the evidence is clear that boring management matters and it is a source of competitive advantage for the companies that take it seriously. My research, with colleagues, has shown that management practices vary quite a lot within industries and around the world — and that companies with good management are significantly more profitable. Subsequent experimental research has confirmed that good management improves firms’ performance.

As I’ve heard many people say, the problem is not that having managers is bad; it’s that there are so many bad managers out there. We don’t treat managing and leadership with the attention and importance it deserves, mainly because we don’t realize how much it matters. Good management is boring. (A point made in more detail in the link below) I say that because good management has no drama and no chaos. It’s pretty simple communication about expectations and follow-through. Unfortunately, those managers don’t get highlighted in magazine features because they aren’t interesting. But that’s the point. Good management isn’t there to be entertaining in a reality-TV kind of way; it is there so that the team can get the job done.

That’s it. When it’s dramatic and attention-seeking, bad things happen.

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