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Linked: One Easy Thing All Bosses Should Do During Mental Illness Awareness Week (Most Probably Won’t)

Amy Morin has one simple idea that will help get you started on making the workplace more supportive of mental health issues your employees may be facing:

So the simplest and most effective thing every boss can do during Mental Illness Awareness Week is to make employees aware of free online screening tools offered by Mental Health America.

There’s no debating the problem, as Amy points out in the link below. Not only are we losing the battle against depression, stress, anxiety, and even suicide, but all of those things impact the workplace as well. To hide our heads in the sand and pretend like those are just “personal issues” unrelated to work is to remain willfully ignorant. Since work is such a big part of our day to day lives, and since mental health issues are an actual drain on employers and business, we’d be foolish to not take time this week to at least acknowledge the problem and figure out ways to support the people who work for us.

This Thursday, Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Day. What better time to open up a dialog about mental health in the workplace?

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