Linked: AAA Car Testing Shows Pedestrian Detection Tech Is Far From Effective

I pretty much agree with the author’s takeaway here:

“AAA’s point here doesn’t seem to be that accident avoidance features are a bad thing, but that they’re not good enough to trust yet. Avoiding 40 percent of adult collisions in optimal conditions is no small feat. Drivers and pedestrians just need to take their safety seriously rather than trusting the car to do it for them.”

The problem isn’t that current collision detection systems are awful, it’s that we understand that we cannot rely on them to do all the work for us. Too many people are in love with the idea of a truly “safe” car using AI, but we aren’t there yet. It only caught 40% of adults walking in a crosswalk during the day. On kids, and at night, they were almost completely useless. We’d do well to remember that as we cruise around in our Tesla or other car with collision detection systems or self-driving capabilities and actually pay attention to our drive.

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