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Linked – Why Your FOIA Request Might Not Get Text Messages

This is mostly because it’s too difficult and/or expensive to retain SMS messages, but I have another takeaway.

“In other words, only 22 percent of FOIA requestors got everything they asked for. 22 percent!”

The demand for the Federal government to move this percentage higher is going to result in a lot more scrutiny of text messages to and from governmental employee phones. If you want even a modicum of privacy do not use your personally owned devices for work related SMS messages. Demand an organizationally owned phone for those types of communications.

For that matter, I’d be hesitant to use my phone for any business unless there was a clear line between what the organization owns and what I own in terms of data. If it’s at all blurry, don’t buy into the ease of BYOD. If they have a need, FOIA for government employees, eDiscovery for the rest of us, the organization will come looking for data from your phone, and I’m betting they won’t be super careful about what they grab.


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