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Facebook’s Blog Import Broken, RSS Graffiti Fixes It

I had posted recently on both my own profile, and the Page that I created for fans of the site that the Facebook blog import to Notes feature has been broken for a little while now, and so new blog posts here were not getting added over there.

Well, thanks to a mention on a mailing list by Kreg Steppe, today I discovered a neat little Facebook app called RSS Graffiti. It not only fixed the problem by taking an RSS feed and posting items as they appear on the appropriate Facebook walls, it actually goes one better, by allowing me to enter more than one feed to be posted. Previously, I had to use Yahoo Pipes to create a combined feed in order for two blog’s posts to get posted to a fan page wall, now I can easily do it with RSS Graffiti.

Plus, it seems to work pretty flawlessly, which has never been true of Facebook’s own importer!

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