Ediscovery Standards Webinar

I signed up for this webinar as soon as I saw the title, Creating Standards for Ediscovery Practices.

First, the bad news: Without a framework for success, electronic discovery (or “e-discovery”) projects can result in expensive sanctions and wasted resources, not to mention missed deadlines, productivity loss and frustration. The good news is that, since as early as 2003, a number of organizations have been working to create standards, best practices and repeatable processes for moving safely through e-discovery projects.

In this webcast, Bennett Borden, Partner and Chair of the E-Discovery and Information Governance Practice Group at Williams Mullen and active member of the Sedona Conference will provide an overview of the main thought-leadership organizations making their easy-to-use, in-depth best practices research available to the public, free of charge. Borden will outline how to utilize these resources to custom-tailor a defensible approach that works for your company.

You’ll learn how to pull from this rich body of work to create a courtroom-ready e-discovery process that you can use for each and every litigation. You’ll come away with proven approaches you can try right now at your company, including specific best practices outlined by the EDRM and the Sedona Conference, and tips for how to navigate the muddy waters of e-discovery using the roadmaps provided by these organizations.

Sounds like it will be a pretty good source of not just theory, but actual hands-on stuff that we could all use in or day-to-day work. Unfortunately, it looks like I may be in a courtroom instead of somewhere I could tune in to the webinar. Anyone want to take notes for me?

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