IrFanView to the rescue

I’m beginning to understand why so many people in work in litigation support sing the praises of IrFanView every chance they get. I had always considered the program as an image viewer with some other tools, but I didn’t realize just what awesome batch processing features it has.

Today I was using the batch rename feature, allowing me to quickly create TIFF files with their Bates number as their file name. Just give page 1 the starting number, and increment the name by 1 for each page. Super simple. There were about 5000 pages in this project, so being able to batch rename like this saved a WHOLE lot of time. 😉

I’m sure I’ll be using this program to do some more things, like stamping EXIF data on a photo, converting images, etc. You’d be surprised just how often we end up doing those sorts of things.

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