Today was a day for wandering around and trying to get some decent photos. Angela planned out a nice day of driving to Urbana, Ohio to the Robert Rothschild Farm, to pick some fresh raspberries, have a nice lunch, etc.

Unfortunately, the picking turned out to be more work than we had bargained for. Seems the pickings were kind of slim this time of year, and even those you had to find the one’s the beetle’s hadn’t gotten to first!

Beetle's got there first

Still she managed to come away with about three quarter’s pounds worth of raspberries to snack on, so not bad.

Angela's Raspberry Haul

The lunch at the Cafe was nice, especially the giant cookie sundae dessert. Good thing we had a lot of walking to burn that sucker off, but man it was good!

After that, it was a short drive to the Cedar Bog, which also happened to be a bit of a disappointment, we had hoped to get some nice photos of wildflowers but they weren’t really all that spectacular. Still, we managed to get a couple of decent captures, so it was worthwhile.


Anyway you look at it, any day spent taking photos and spending time with the wife, is a good day! As always, there are more photos on Angela’s and my Flickr streams.

I’ve also got an interesting story about one of the captures in there, that I’ll share in the next couple of days.

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