Happy Accident

Yesterday, when we were taking photos, I tried to slide up closer to a butterfly that had settled on a flower. I was able to get one quick shot of him, the edited version of which is here.


When I fired off a second shot, though, I wasn’t as lucky, as something had startled him and he flew off just as the shutter clicked, leaving me with this.

butterfly away

Now, on the camera, it looked like a wasted shot, but I’ve never been in the habit of deleting images from the camera without looking at them at home, except in some rare occasions when I know the flash didn’t fire, or the image is blurred beyond recognition, so I did open it up at home. That was when I discovered what it was that spooked the butterfly away. A bee, or yellow jacket, had flown into the bottom of the frame.

After some cropping, I had a whole new photo, that I wasn’t even attempting to get, but which I think is fairly cool anyway.


Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got until you get home and open it up on the larger screen.

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