The best laid plans

I had planned for today to be a bit more leisurely than normal. I knew I’d be traveling out of town to do a document collection at a client’s office, and I figured between travel time, extra time worked yesterday and the amount of time I’d be there, that maybe I wouldn’t have to go back to the office and I could take my time getting home. I thought if the weather was nice, I could just take some back roads to Columbus and do some photo-exploring with the Nikon.

Instead, I found myself racing across the state to get back to the office and work on projects that needed to be dealt with today, and the camera never left the back of the car. Which, given the way the day started, with a call from the person I was supposed to be meeting 20 minutes before I reached the destination that they wouldn’t be meeting me there, but that someone there would surely know what images he needed me to get, (they didn’t) and that oh yeah, they had been having a problem with the project database attached to these images and he told them I’d take a look at it while I was there.

Yup, this is life in IT, isn’t it?

On the positive side, since I was back in town this afternoon and home earlier than I thought I was able to go with Angela to buy a new car for her, which also gave her reason to get the camera out, though I don’t think she’s posted any pics just yet. (Update: you can see her car here.)

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  1. She needs sunnier exposure for a Web-ready pic. Besides, I haven’t told everyone in my fam yet.

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