History Lessons

We spent the weekend visiting with Angela’s parents, but also got to spend quite a bit of time getting history lessons. On Saturday, despite the 90 plus degree heat, I spent part of the afternoon watching a Civil War skirmish re-enactment. (Yeah, I have the sunburn to show for it.)

Union Troops

It was quite fascinating to watch as a narrator not only told you what was happening in the skirmish but also taught you about the history of the times, some of the weapons in use, and how much dedication (finacial and otherwise) it takes to take part in these sorts of things. It was a fitting tribute to the many, many men who lost their lives in that war, and I’m glad there are people out there willing to do whatever it takes to remind us of that war, and the people who fought in it, so that we don’t forget them.

Plus, anytime you get to see canon’s fired, it’s a good day!

Canon Fire

Today, we were all off to Grand Rapids, Ohio for an historic canal boat ride. It’s only about a 50 minute ride along what was part of the Miami and Erie Canal, but again, we learned quite a lot about the canal system, how it worked, and what it would have been like to travel 4mph by canal boat towed by mule to get around the western part of the state.

Canal Boat

More pictures and notes about what we learned are on both my, and Angela’s flickr pages.

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