So you want to work in IT?

Consider this fair warning if you’re thinking of working in IT. While I can’t get into the specifics of this situation, suffice it to say that somewhere along the line in your IT career you’ll be in the middle of this situation. It involves a former employee, a security policy breach (among other reasons why he’s a former employee), a challenged unemployment compensation claim, questionable management ethics, interoffice politics run amok, and it ends with a nasty email sent from his wife to my wife giving great detail about how it was only my witch-hunt (with my wife’s help, of course) that got him fired. Like I have that much power! Like there weren’t other documented and undocumented reasons for it to happen! Like I wouldn’t lose my job for not reporting policy violations! Like I care if you think I’m evil incarnate or not! HA!!

OK I’m done ranting for now..

Jason Shellen points us to this little fact; Microsoft Outlook® 2002 discontinues support for Net Folders. You might want to know that before upgrading to Office XP.

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