Been busy this morning with a bad Symantec Corporate Edition client. One of the PC’s had a problem getting the updated definitions file, such a bad problem that the AV just stopped working, throwing up “bad environment” errors at startup. Since the AV wouldn’t run, it couldn’t communicate with the server it’s supposed to be getting updates from, and I couldn’t do anything with it from the server console. I tried the recommended approach of manually getting an update of the def files and running it, but that wouldn’t take either because of the “bad environment”. I tried this morning to uninstall the whole thing and reinstall from the server console, but the first uninstall didn’t delete the Live Update files, so when I reinstalled it, those files never got updated, and the “bad environment” still existed. Finally, after another uninstall, I deleted every file related to Symantec that I could find off the PC, and did a remote install from the server console. Now it’s all back to normal. Sheesh!

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