More scary government stuff

Thanks to My Wife for pointing out this Wash. Post article about the surveillance system the airlines and the FAA are contemplating. To quote:

Federal aviation authorities and technology companies will soon begin testing a vast air security screening system designed to instantly pull together every passenger’s travel history and living arrangements, plus a wealth of other personal and demographic information.


Industry officials have already discussed with lawmakers the possible need to roll back some privacy protections in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Driver’s Privacy Protection Act to enable them to use more of the credit and driver’s-license data


“If you can profile for terrorists, you can profile for other things,” said Richard M. Smith, an independent computer security and privacy specialist. “The computer technology is so cheap and getting so much cheaper, you just have to be careful: Turn up the volume a little bit, and we just use the air transportation system to catch everybody.”

Maybe it’s time for people to wake up from post 9/11 trauma and see what sort of society is being built because of their paranoia.

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