Time for action!

OK AOL backers. Here’s a few questions for you. (Yes they are blocking Trillian again, and there’s a new version out today…blah blah blah.) If AOL is so all fired up about Trillian “hacking” their network, why is ICQ not blocked as well? (It’s owned by AOL too) And if AOL is for an open, secure, common platform for IM communications, like they claim to be, why haven’t they made AIM and ICQ able to talk to one another? Simply, it’s time for AOL to put up or shutup in this battle. Either you’re for open IM communications and you allow that to happen, or you’re not and we all go find alternatives. The people need to speak with their actions if AOL will not. Dump AIM now!

FTC to Crack Down on Deceptive Junk E-Mail:

The FTC will use existing laws banning false or deceptive trade practices to go after spammers, Beales said.

Couldn’t hurt, it won’t eliminate spam entirely, but it could lessen the total amount out there.

Damn, where did January go anyway? I have so many things I’ve been meaning to do, or read, or whatever, and here it is another whole month is gone already! I’ve been distracted by new car research, which is necessary and important, but who knew it would take this long? 🙂 Going test driving tomorrow, if everything goes well, we could be the proud owners of a Subaru Forester fairly soon.

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