Pay attention to the details!

Looks like it is, in fact, AOL blocking Trillian. Gee and this is the company that’s suing MS for predatory business practices? I never have liked AOL as a company, they don’t help themselves any here.

Geek Blog has a nice little wrap up of things he doesn’t like about BlogTrack. Personally I haven’t had near enough time to play with that as I thought I might, it still does it’s core functionality just fine, but I could see where these improvements would be nice.

Oh, and thanks for having me on your list, Dwight! It’s nice to know that someone out there is reading!

TrustE is coming up with a way to help deal with spam. Not a bad idea, but will it work, or be bogged down in details? I guess time will tell.

Speaking of details, here’s a suggestion from today’s work experiences. If your C drive is down to 3MB free, and your NT OS is installed on that partition, along with your pagefile, you are going to have huge problems running programs! It might be time to think about taking your almost 300MB archive.pst Outlook file to another drive or, I don’t know, maybe, cleaning it up!

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