D-Link brick

Last night, as I was surfing around online, suddenly my internet connection went kaput. As usual when that happens I swung around to look at the various pieces of equipment in our office to see which one had orange lights, or was missing some lights. Modem looked ok, Hawking router looked ok, swung around to the other side of the room, where the wireless router is (It’s connected by cable to the Hawking, and serves as the wireless AP as well as wired connection to the PC’s on that side of the office), and nothing. Not only were the lights that should have been green not lit, there was no power at all.

After checking the outlet and the powerstrip, I came to the conclusion that it was simply dead, for whatever reason. (If it was storming outside this might have some made sense, but it wasn’t..)

So tonight’s quest after work will be to find an inexpensive, yet reliable, replacement. Anything I should definitely not get from your experience?

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  1. I still like the wrt54g’s. Stay away from the $30 trendnet devices – they are not very featurerich and my experience with other gear has not been good.
    When I was in staples trying to get a wrt54g, the belkin and netgear were on offer at the same price – staples guy said to stay away from the belkin (but wouldn’t say why) but it did have two wlans on them – one for normal use and a 2nd lan for guest access so you didn’t have to hand over the keys to the kingdom to your friends when they come round – sounded like a useful feature.
    The netgear one worked well but only had one antenna but seemed to do the job nicely – has an autoupgrade feature each time you log into the console to ensure you are at the latest firmware – a nice touch.

    You can’t beat the wrt for feature set and hackabilty though so would be my top choice (especially if you have a bit more money to spend and get the one that you can attach a usb drive to for extra storage/ram

  2. I did end up getting a WRT54G, and eventually figured out how to set it up as an access point only. (Don’t follow their directions, make sure you do NOT plug anything into the WAN port)

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