New Version of Trillian

The new version of Trillian is out. If you don’t know what it is, you can read my review of the previous version here.

The new version addresses the biggest concerns I had, as far as adding the ability to do file transfers in the IM clients, which is a big plus!! Other big plusses include the ability to create a message history log, and integration with Yahoo! Mail. The new interface is very slick looking, although they do have a bunch of different skins for it, so you can really find the interface you like. It’s a tad bit less intuitive, at least to me, and the developers haven’t gotten a voice chat in it yet, but with all of the added features I still am going to totally recommend it to anyone wanting to use one program to communicate over different IM clients!

Oh and while you’re there, think about making a little donation to these fine folks for putting out such great freeware!

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