Linked – Usable iPhone Memory is Shrinking

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“According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, apps have “bloated” up at an astounding rate and are, on average, 12 times larger than they were in 2013. was 4 MB in 2013 and now eats up 203 MB of space. Leave it to to be “king of the fat apps.” In May of 2013, Facebook consumed 32 MB of memory. Today it eats up 388 MB. Games are a bad offender too since the graphics requirements use a lot of space.”

As iPads and iPhones have increased capacity, and we’ve started demanding more features in our apps, app developers have gotten sloppy when it comes to developing small apps, let alone apps that don’t use up a ton of storage with cached information. Take a look at your storage usage some time and note how much “ and documents” some of these apps store on top of the size of the app. What iOS11 should come up with is an easy way to limit how much information can be cached in all of the apps on the phone. That would rock.

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