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You may recall a while back I talked about G.ho.st the online Virtual Machine project. I haven’t gone back to look at it again in some time, but I got an email from them today, and given the new features, I may have to take a look very soon:

As part of our continuous efforts to expand the capabilities of your G.ho.st Virtual Computer (VC) , G.ho.st is proud to announce today the release of the following new features and enhancements: 

New languages: G.ho.st now speaks 11 additional languages: Swedish, Portuguese, and, still work-in-progress: Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Danish, Afrikaans, Turkish and Ukrainian. You may select a language in the Welcome Screen footer and in the Desktop under Go Menu/Settings/Desktop Preferences/Languages.

3rd Party Office editors: G.ho.st now offers viewing of Microsoft ? Word, Excel and PowerPoint-compatible files by integration with Thinkfree? and the editing of Microsoft ? Word and Excel-compatible files using Zoho.  These integrations allow you to save and edit Microsoft Office?-compatible files directly from the G.ho.st Storage just as easily as they would on a PC.

G.ho.st MP3 player: A new MP3 player widget allows playing tracks and albums from G.ho.st Storage as well as from the Web. You can now jump to any song in the “Now Playing List”, and choose to repeat a song or the whole list.

G.ho.st Browser:  G.ho.st now includes a basic Internet browser.  As well as browsing capabilities, the user?s bookmarks can be stored on the G.ho.st desktop so that they are available wherever G.ho.st is accessed.  In many cases a user?s cookies will also be available wherever they access G.ho.st (we apolgoize that there are still a few bugs in the browser).

Access G.ho.st Storage from Windows: The G.ho.st team has been continuously improving the popular G.ho.st Storage feature. You can now manage your free 3GB hosted file storage more easily both from the G.ho.st desktop and directly from Windows by typing ftp://mikemac29@G.ho.st in the Windows File Explorer.

G.ho.st Mail (coming soon): G.ho.st is preparing to launch the most sophisticated Web mail/contacts/calendar available on the Web today. You will send and receive emails with mikemac29@G.ho.st and will also be able to check your other e-mail accounts.

We will continue aggressively to add features and integrate with third-party applications until the G.ho.st Virtual Computer has as many capabilities as the Personal Computer, with the extra advantages of being available anywhere with no need for installation or administration.

We are always happy to hear your feedback at http://G.ho.st/forums.

Anyone seen these new features in action yet?

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  1. Thank you Mike. I hope you will enjoy all our new features. We do plan to add more applications and features. So stay tuned and please keep feedback coming…


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