Well I promised more later, and boy is it later… 🙂

After lunch we were treated to a talk by Steve Gibson. Now to say that Steve has a different perspective that Rob Rosenberger would be putting in mildly. Some of Steve’s main points:

The internet, globally is very robust and impossible to bring down, but locally, one site is very easy to bring down with a traffic flood. (Just look at the number of sites that have been “slashdotted” or “gnomed”, and that wasn’t by people trying to flood a site!) Hackers and even script kiddies can flood any site they want to using “zombies”. We need to teach people to protect their computers from becoming zombified. Steve also claims that the common denominator in every PC he’s found zombies running was Kazaa. Much as I’ve long suspected, you’re getting alot more than MP3’s when you’re grabbing files from anonymous sources. 🙂

Big round of applause for Steve’s response to David Lawrence’s question about hacking back at hackers, especially in regards to the RIAA-supported “legal hacking” bill : “They’re willing to break the law, I’m not, and it’s illegal to hack someone”s PC” (Not an exact quote)

After Steve it was Beth Goza from Microsoft doing a talk about the Mobile industry and a demo of Pocket PC Phone version. Nothing major there, I saw a Pocket PC demo last week, but I do like the features of the phone edition. Not enough to spend that kind of money on it, but I do like it!

Tonight was the party, and well, most of it you had to be here to really enjoy, but it was alot of fun. Just seeing David Lawrence and Leo LaPorte sing a duet of You don’t bring me flowers, was worth the conference price in and of itself. *L* Chris was even kind enough to take a few moments and show me his new Canon GL2 digital video cam. I so want one now, it completely rocks, and it weighs like nothing, so you could carry it around all day and not even break a sweat!

Better get off to bed now, we’ve got more of this tomorrow! Oh and pictures are coming soon. Perhaps in the morning I’ll post a few!

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