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Got this email earlier today: (name witheld)

Hi Mike,

two days ago I got this strange e-mail that corrupted my outlook pst-file. Normally the monthly backup take care of problems like this but it was three weeks ago and I had some really important stuff that had come in these last few days. Checked the web and found some s/w that seemed to do the trick but at USD 250 they were a bit to high priced for a one time problem. Worked with different workarounds for the problem for hours and hours, there had to be a way….

Finally found your blog and the note on renaming and importing all outlook folders but the inbox and presto! Done in ten minutes and everything in order.

Thank you Mike, you are the man. Should you by any chance ever happen to pass by the godforsaken country called Sweden, I’ll take you for a night on the town and you are welcome to bunk in our guest-room.

Yeah, pretty much made my day, without a doubt!

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