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I saw this post titled Living the Observed Life, and thought it was an interesting idea. You should go read it too, and follow all the links. It’s true that no one expects to be sued, I certainly don’t. On the other hand, at my previous job as the IT guy, I did have to get involved in both a disputed unemployment claim and the gathering of information in response to an outside subpoena. Now that I work at a law firm, I’ve seen a fair number of PST files that an attorney needs help accessing as part of a case, I’ve helped attorneys get access out from behind our firewall to investigate inappropriate surfing by visiting the websites listed on a firewall log, and I’ve seen CD’s full of documents that need to be reviewed as part of the discovery process. Believe me, if you are ever party to a lawsuit, someone, somewhere, is going to be leafing through every little detail of your life that can be documented. It’s definitely something to keep in mind the next time you’re firing off a “harmless” comment to family, a friend, or spouse from work.

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