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I actually meant to blog this awhile ago, but I have a question. Is there some level of geekdom that’s passed when your wife sends you an email, in which she has a small list of chores that require your attention and she ends with the instruction to make sure you add said list to your Wiki?

If there isn’t, I think there should be.

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  1. If your chore-wiki was online I could just add things myself. Wait, your chore-wiki is never going online now, is it?

  2. lol – underthethumbgeekdom?
    the funny thing is that I was thinking of something similar to that this morning so that Kristen and I would both know what needed doing, rather than both of us paying the same bill!

  3. At the beginning of this year I added a wiki to our family site to maintain a couple of ‘shopping’ lists(grocery, dept store, home improvement).

    It’s been working really well as opposed to our old pen & paper lists that always got lost or weren’t updated.

    Best part is, it’s a wiki, my wife needed a mere 10 seconds of training on how to add to/modify the lists.

  4. I can’t put it online, the Wiki has much more than my to-do list, it has private information about my workplace, my former workplace, a volunteer organization, etc. I don’t think you’d want me putting that online dear. Besides, it’s on my thumb drive so I can access it even when I don’t have internet access. 🙂

    Now if I could figure out a way to share my Outlook calendar with my wife, that would be nice.

  5. you used to be able to post your free/busy info to a website and as long as you/angela had the url configured in outlook you’d both be able to see the information.
    The real solution of course is for Outlook to be ical compliant and make it easy to export the data so you could import it into the mozilla calendar application.

  6. credit must be given to the Mrs. for knowing what a wiki is.

    If I said ‘i’ll add that to my wiki’ I would just get my face slapped.

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