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Andy, not to be confused with Andrew from the last post, got the comments within the RSS item to work in Blogger. I’m going to have to take a look at what he’s done compared to what I tried and see what I was doing wrong.

Later: Andy is not using BloggerPro to generate his RSS feed, so he has the option of moving the “item span” tags. With Blogger Pro I don’t have that option. It looks like it takes the $BlogItemBody$ tag as the actual item span and there’s no way to include anything unless it’s already in the post. That got me thinking about using the “Post Template” function and simply adding the proper code for the comments to the end of each post, but that doesn’t work either, as the $BlogItemNumber$ tag does not get populated when it appears within a post item, only when it appears outside of it. That means the links don’t know which post to point to, not so good. I’ve put in a wishlist request with Blogger about it, to see if we could figure out some way to make it work without me having to use another tool to generate my feed. We’ll see what happens!

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