Nothing like coming in and finding a laptop that won’t boot and a bad video driver screwing with a monitor image waiting for you first thing. Fun, fun…

Update: Got the laptop to boot, disabling the Palm HotSync software at startup seems to have done the trick. Bad Palm! The monitor is proving to be a bit more tricky, drivers weren’t the problem, I’m thinking now it’s electrical interference so we’re going to move just about everything away from it and we’ll see if it starts to clear up. (The problem has been on two different monitors and started manifesting itself a couple of days after the office was moved around, and then again a couple of days after the monitor was switched. May be something in the office..) I’ve also done a quick database tweak, written, run and exported an Access query, answered emails, done a little bit of data entry, and answered 2 different questions, all before 11:15AM. You’d think I’d have a short to-do list by now, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong..*L*

Update 2:Found the monitor problem, it was interference from a magnetic paper-clip thingy. It was too close to the monitor and after we moved it the image cleared up almost right away! Let that be a lesson to you, and me, to check that first before you go switching monitors and all sorts of other things!

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