Since you asked…

Got an email yesterday asking me to think about linking to another blog. This one was actually respectful, nice, personalized, and gave me the impression that at the very least this person read my blog a little bit before asking. That’s always good. My immediate response was still no, but with some caveats. Now that I was aware of this particular blog, I would check it out every once in awhile and link to anything interesting that I felt like I wanted to make a comment about. It’s my opinion that linking to something specific probably drives more of my readers to look at the other site than adding it to my blogroll does. Am I right?

Now, given that, what’s the best way to get my attention? Leave a comment, or link and respond to something I say here. In other words, contribute to the conversation we’re having here, and I’m much, much more likely to check out what you have to say there. (Gee I sound like Doc now with these “conversations” don’t I?)

And, remember, helpful information is always welcome and usually leads to credit being given, so keep that in mind as well. 🙂

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