LeBron Mania

First off, let me just say, I’m really not the world’s biggest basketball fan, it’s no hockey. But I couldn’t help but notice that the “LeBron James era” started last night. Now, keeping in mind that the Cavs are the closest thing we have to a local NBA team, would you be surprised to know that last night’s game, despite being a 10:30PM local time tipoff, was on 3 different channels? ESPN had it nationally, obviously, we get Cleveland’s WUAB as part of our cable package, they had the game, and the local PAX affiliate also, apparently, has some deal to broadcast Cavs games in the Columbus area this year. All this from a team that won 17 games all of last year and probably had more people watching last night then the team’s 82 games last year combined! And I thought the Ohio media’s daily reports on his High School career were tiring….

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