In the mood

I’ve not been in the mood to do a whole lot of blogging here lately, have I? I’ll tell you what I am in the mood for though, and that’s finding some new things to do and work on for both of my sites. (Yeah my lack of interesting work projects is driving the need to find interesting website projects, go figure!) That’s why I was looking for photo gallery scripts. That was one idea, one which I’ve yet to really find what I’m looking for. (Mostly because of the discovery that my host not only doesn’t do MySQL, but doesn’t do ASP.NET either, and the fact that most of the Perl, ASP, or cgi stuff I’ve looked at doesn’t do anything to protect the actual URL of the photo to keep people from hot-linking it. I’m still looking for something that’ll do that!)

I’ve got a number of things in mind for this site and the Child Abuse site, but no firm decisions on what I really want to accomplish. I’ll keep you informed as we go along, but in the mean time, what do you want to see here, or there? More interactivity? More community? Do you want less of my thoughts and more links? Do you think the abuse site needs some community around it? Do you want to forget you ever saw this site? 🙂 I’m willing to listen to most ideas. I’m not promising I’ll actually follow through on any of it, but I’ll listen.

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