Linked – Dear Bad Marketers – Stop It

Pretty much going to agree with everything Chris Brogan says here, because even on my little corner of the web, I get these emails.

Just the other day I got one. This person literally sent a link to a post I wrote 13 years ago about downloading the first service pack for Office 2003 or something, and suggested I update it with a link to their post about turning on automatic updates in Windows.

Seriously, that post was written 13 years ago. I’m not going back to update that post. And to top that off, if you had read anything recent, you’d know my audience already knows how to turn on Windows Update. Do some homework people.

Occasionally, I do get a decent suggestion or two, but mostly it’s junk like that, and it gets deleted, as does the followup and the followup to the followup. If you can’t be bothered to actually read my blog, why should I be bothered to read your email pitch?

And don’t even get me started on the emails asking about advertising rates. Seriously, take a look around, there are no ads!!!!!!


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